Fight the Good Fight

Happy New Year y’all! If you weren’t aware, Feb 4 was World Cancer Day and my good friend Miranda Shirley announced that she will be donating chemo care bags to two cancer treatment centers in Southwest Kansas.

Miranda is a Thirty-One consultant and donates small bags with different items like hard candy, socks, headbands, hand sanitizer, blankets, lotion, etc. This year her goal is to donate 125 bags! I’ve decided to team up with her for the third year in a row to help out! The first year I donated 50 small wooden blocks with the word “hope” hand-lettered on them. Last year I donated 110 notebooks (one for each bag!) and this year I’m planning on filling each bag that Miranda gets with a notebook!

Y’all know fighting cancer is cause near and dear to my heart, and if you’d like to help fight along side me, you can purchase a notebook for $5!!! I can personalize them for you, or surprise you with a design! Check out some of my previous designs! Shoot me a message if you want to support cancer patients in SWKS!


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