WHADDUP FAM!?! How’s life??

I’m Camryn, a recent Kansas State University grad, who just moved to Monroe, Louisiana (am I currently dying in the humidity? idk you decide) for grad school! I’ve been shooting for a long time but have just started in the biz game two years ago! Jesus is my main squeeze. I love myself a cheesyyyyy Hallmark Christmas movie or a good RomCom. In my natural habitat I’ll most likely be snapping pics, chilling in my Hammock, or surfing the web for the best gifts to give to my peeps.

Yes, this is like actually my face in 95% of my conversations. Brownie points if you can guess what I was talking about in this picture…..

So you’re probably wondering what got me into photography or something along those lines so here’s a little background to why I do, AND LOVE, what I do:

This dude right here is my dad. He was my BFF, cheerleader, and basically partner in crime. I lost him to a 6-year long battle with esophageal cancer, and this picture is the driving force behind what I do to capture those real moments that happen in life.

STORY TIME! My senior photog came out to our family farm to take my high school senior photos and my dad was working in the shop. He had recently bought this beat up old Ford pickup because he thought the tool bed was cool & he jokingly sad “you gotta have a picture with this sexy pickup!!!” so what did we do?? I hopped up on the back of the bed and my photog snapped my most prized picture I have of me and my dad. I want YOU to have pictures like this to look back on & remember those precious unplanned moments, because it’s those tiny little in between moments that make up our entire lives.

My daddio loved to live passionately and share that passion with others, which is what I strive to do too!! He loved to work hard and have fun, and that’s exactly what my experience is about! I will work hard to get the shots you need and want (and even the ones you didn’t know you wanted – you welcome fam), but you best believe we gonna have fun doing it!! I love telling your story and creating relationships with you and your loved ones.

Feel like we’d be a good fit? Shoot me a message on my contact form. I’d love to chat!