Can we talk about comparison for just a sec? How it changes the game, steals your happiness, wrecks your world? That split second thought of “she has it better” can body slam you into a mountain of doubt, hurt, and frustration.

From day one, Eve in the Garden of Eden was tempted & ultimately sinned because of this core issue: comparison – God is withholding something from me. Doubt as to whether or not the TRUTH was real. She listened to the LIE that told her she could get there on her own. She followed that lie & ate fruit from the tree of knowledge of good & evil, though God had set the boundary for a reason. He knew that Adam and Eve were not equipped to handle that so he created a boundary to keep them safe. The serpent came along and tempted Eve with a lie to doubt the truth behind the boundary. When we cross the boundaries that God has set, we only hurt ourselves and others. When we take on too much, we get burned. The truth that God has for us keeps us safe. When we stop doubting and start believing God’s truth, that’s when we know He’s working all things together for our good.

God did not create us for doubt or comparison, he made us to live out the truth: that we are loved, accepted, worthy, & perfectly created in his image.

My dear friend, delve into the truth God has given us through his word. Over and over again we see the story of redemption. To have done wrong and betrayed someone, and to still be loved, accepted, and pursued – it is radial & reckless; that’s the love of a Savior.


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